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Badgley’s Garage has been doing automotive restorations since 1981. We offer many different services involving your collectible car from complete mechanical restorations to basic oil changes. We have been in the auto repair business since 1947, acquiring many different tools, manuals, and experiences.

Our shop offers a variety of mechanical services for vintage cars so you can continue to enjoy them in the 21st century. We have developed a network of sources for obtaining the necessary replacement parts and have the specialty tools used for many repairs.

We work hard at being able to maintain older vehicles for modern day use. For instance, the Oil Industry recently removed Zinc from most of its oils. This new oil is fine for modern cars but your vintage car still requires Zinc for lifter and camshaft lubrication, we offer the additive here. We are constantly monitoring changes taking place that will affect your car.

Whether your car is a 1931 Durant, 1970 Oldsmobile, or 1983 Hurst/Olds, and anything in between we can handle all your specialty car needs. We are inspired by our Lansing Automotive History and would like the opportunity to preserve your Classic Car. Click here to contact us regarding Vehicle Restorations.



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